• Idle Hands Collective

A Cycle

In the 1970’s we saw a strong “to the earth” traditional trend. The decade saw political unrest and hard times in correlation with a rise in “alternative” living hippie aesthetics. If you dig into the socio-political status versus the cultural trends, you can see clear comparisons to present day.

What’s the same?

⁃ More interest in “healthy eating” (Veganism, Organic, healing through food)

⁃ Boom in alternative therapies (Reiki, Aromatherapy, Meditation etc)

⁃ Longer, looser silhouettes

⁃ Natural interior trends- plants, natural materials,

⁃ Rise of handycrafts

There is a theory that this is due to the want for comfort in a turbulent time. Natural and “hands on” things have been part of us since we were primitive beings so, naturally, we are akin with them.