• Idle Hands Collective

A More Sustainable Christmas

Thinking about sustainability at Christmas can make us feel a lot like Scrooge. For many it’s the one time of year that we like to splurge a bit more, and rightly so- we work hard! Being sustainable can feel like denying yourself of your seasonal pleasures but it really doesn’t have to.

Christmas is peak time for brands to target us as consumers and make us spend, telling us it’s the only way to show someone you love them. We all know in our rational mind this is not true, it’s not the money you spend it’s the love that went into that gift.

Here are some tips from Idle Hands to have a happy Yuletide that’s conscious without the judgement or the denial.

1. Be cynical of adverts- they are trying to sell you things they don’t need. Especially potent at Christmas, they’re gonna play with your emotions. View them for entertainment value.

2. Consider if that person really will love that gift or if you’re giving it because you just want to “give” them something. They might value an experience or a handmade gift more. The thought is obvious here, you’ve not just bulk ordered from Amazon.

3. Look around your house for alternative wrapping paper- use different papers, hunt for ribbons or make fabric wraps from old textiles.

4. Focus on time rather than money. Don’t get so wrapped up on making it perfect and luxurious and miss spending real, quality time with your loved ones.

5. Have some self-care too to recharge. This will make you feel more gratitude and calm so you appreciate things more.

Image via @project_stopshop