• Idle Hands Collective

Almost all of us Can Make

Daniel Chary said in the V&A exhibition “The Power of Making” that: “Almost all of us can make. It is one of the strongest human impulses and one of the most significant means of human expression”.

Self-expression allows the individual to have a voice and empowers them to be able to strive for happiness. Fashion is often our most preliminary form of self-expression, what we wear says something about who we are and what message we want to put out to the world. It is ever important as the Digital Age and fast fashion often lead to homogenised style identities. WGSN’s S/S19 report, Creative Manifesto, say that the ability to use self- expression is an increasing important skill in a bid for authenticity and to be heard above the noise.

With these two points in mind, a clear way to express yourself is to use craft. Simple customisations such as altering hems is something many of us are already used to. Such tasks add value to garments, meaning their lifetimes are extended. Expressive customs allow you to feel more in tune with yourself and know what you like, rather than what you are told to like. The meditative process of making things allows our brains to relax and focus on ourselves and other important things. It feels very removed from the visual saturation of the commercial fashion world.