• Idle Hands Collective


Anacita by Protomartyr

Against the sea, a hidden incorporated town

That glows like zircon in a fire

Its straight white streets crawl with consumers and their dogs

Migrant workers tend the transplant poplars

The liberal-minded here, they close their eyes and dream

Of technology and kombucha

The anti-vagrant system sounds like 20 dollar bills being sorted in a counter

Don't go to Anacita

They got their goon squads on patrol

Don't go to Anacita

They're gonna throw you in a hole

Uh oh

Behind their walls and gates the people fear a thief

That would steal money god put in their pockets

Their god is such a strange, vindictive beast

He only blesses those who prosper

Don't go to Anacita

They only love abstract unborn

Don't go to Anacita

Once you're out, you're all on your own

Decipher that