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Another Wears

Over the break, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of interviewing some amazing people changing the game of fashion for the better.

First up is Nicola Bradley (@anotherwears) a designer, second hand champion and northerner living in the south. We talk about changing perspectives of thrifted clothing, becoming more sustainable and inspiring yourself.

IH: What is the inspiration behind another.wears (both aesthetically and sustainability)?

NB: I started anotherwears after my friend challenged me to join her in not buying any new clothes for a year. At first, as a more than obsessed lover of clothes and fashion, the idea of not buying any clothes seemed daunting but I soon realised I was ignorant to how much impact my habit had on the world. After reading ‘To die for’ by Lucy Siegle, which enlightened me to the realities of the fashion industry, I felt prepared to accept the challenge and excited for the opportunity to find creativity in what I already own. Another wears is a way to document my outfits and to challenge myself creatively is to keep myself inspired and active in finding new ways to wear things.

IH:What tips can you give for charity/thrift shopping?

NB:I think the best tip is to keep your eye out for gems and to go in with an idea of what you’re looking for and try to imagine the piece in your wardrobe rather than with the clothes surrounding it in the shop. Ask yourself if you really love it (you’ll know the answer), how often you’ll wear it and what material it’s made from. I’ve tried to avoid buying anything synthetic since buying second hand only, though not an easy task.

IH:How can we be more sustainable consumers?

NB: I think ‘sustainable’ is difficult to define now, we need to generally consume less, give the most life and use what's already been made and if buying new, invest in brands that design circularity into all of their processes. It is not just about the environment, but also brands that care about who makes their clothes. Consumers are awake now more than ever and we’re doing our best to find the truth in the information that’s out there in order to ‘consume better’, but the true responsibility and power to impact change is in the government, industries and multinational businesses’ hands, they can no longer just put the ownus on the consumer to do better.

IH:Where can we find another.wears and what's next for you?

NB: At the moment another wears is mainly on Instagram and is simply something I enjoy doing in my spare time and I’m loving being able to write about it. My website is in progress, hopefully one day it will turn into more of a blog (when I get round to it) and tips for sewing/clothes hacking/ making. Otherwise just inspiring other people to do more with what they have has been amazing and I hope that continues.

Image 1: (exclusive to IH) This is my mum’s dress from around the 80s/90s and because it’s cut on the bias, the fit is something I’ve not found in anything made today. It’s paired with another oversized blazer from the Vintage trading post in Exeter, it’s mostly vintage/antique homewares but there’s a few hidden clothes rails to be investigated.

Image 2: This is my favourite blazer. I bought it in a vintage shop called Garage in Berlin and I’ve worn it at least twice a week every week since buying it.

Image 3: (exclusive to IH)

This is an amazing matching two piece blouse and skirt from Wolf and Gypsy Vintage in Brighton. It immediately caught my eye in the shop and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I left, which I knew meant I would love it, so I went back and got it the day after. It was also a complete ‘dressing for myself’ buy, as I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, but as I’ve gotten older and since starting another wears, I’ve cared less and less about what anyone else thinks about what I wear and dressed how I want to, and it feels great.

Find Nicola @anotherwears