• Idle Hands Collective

Comfort in Craft

Craft is part of a wider trend of seeking comfort and assurance in a time of confusion and uncertainty due to the socio-political climate. 2016 saw shock results of Brexit and Trump coming to presidency. Distrust in political systems and frequent inauthenticity in many different sectors has resulted in growing consumer desire for comfort.

Nostalgia and tradition allow us to look at the past with fondness. Brands now use this frequently in marketing to show they stand the test of time which provides a feeling of comfort as the past is assured. Fashion and music are two examples of the retrospective trend happening with exhibitions like “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” and a huge amount of music biopics released this year. Tradition has become very fashionable, just look at the every popular Gucci “Grandma’s Attic” aesthetic.

A lot of us as consumers are looking for comfort which we find in the past.

We want our rose-tinted glasses.