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Conscious Consumer: CompareEthics

Connecting you to conscious brands

In the frequently greenwashed fashion world- how can you really tell if what your buying holds up to what your being promised? Shop from platforms like @compareethics

After frustration with the lack of information on offer from brands about their social, animal and environmental impact, London couple Abbie and James founded Compareethics.

“ Frustrated with this fragmented and long way of finding ethical brands, we decided to create a one stop shop: where shoppers who care about fair wages, treatment of animals and the environment can compare and choose brands they trust and love. At the same time, ethical brands out there can come to one place to engage with the shoppers they are looking for.”

They make it easy to shop in alignment with what you care about and find brands that don’t compromise your style or your morals.

Highlights include:

Organic Basics (

To Be Frank (


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