• Idle Hands Collective


The food industry has been hugely effected by the rise of a more conscious consumer. The number of vegans in the UK increased by 300% in 2016, many being teenagers. The growing demand for transparency in the industry by consumers has resulted in change. Food labelling is a lot more transparent and buzz words have become organic, gluten free and paleo as more consumers want to know exactly what’s going in their bodies. Darren Tristano, CEO of CHD Expert explains “We may be going vegan or paleo out of frustration of the lack of transparency with our food”. Eve Turow further explains this in her 2015 book “A Taste of Generation Yum”, saying that the youth is not defining its self with music as they have in the past but with what and where they eat.

However, there is a disconnect between what consumers put in their bodies and what they put on it. While 60 percent of millennials are interested in sustainable or “eco” fashion, only 37 percent say they have purchased them. This could be due to the lack of choices to buy sustainably, there are still relatively few brands that offer transparency of this information. Millennials state convenience and style to be the main reasons to purchase.