• Idle Hands Collective

Craft is the Antidote

Protect Craft as it is an antidote.

The biggest influence on changing behaviours is the dawn of the Digital Age. There are many parallels to be drawn between the Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution. Movements like Bauhaus and The Arts and Crafts came as a reaction to the technological advances that made it easier to mass produce, which harmed traditional, small-scale industries. One of the school’s masters, László Moholy-Nagy, said in 1922 that “The inexorable progress of the machine would not be halted by anachronistic cottage-industries”. This sentiment is reiterated by the current Digital Age, there is no stopping it so we have to act to protect craft.

Craft is a mindful practise that is in the heritage of every culture on earth so we naturally find comfort in it. It offers something slower and more tactile than technology and proven to have benefits on wellbeing and mental health. Recent research published by University College London’s MARCH mental health network shows that engaging with the visual arts can reduce reported anxiety, and that visiting museums can protect against dementia’s development. These types of activities require more focus on less visual stimulant which is the opposite to what screen time does, making it a great antidote to the to the negative effects of over using technology which we all so frequently do.