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Fashion Week

Should we boycott fashion week?

A note from XR Boycott Fashion (2019)

To all creatives, crafts-people, artisans, makers, technicians, business people, influencers, role-models, campaigners, connectors and problem-solvers who have worked tirelessly to change the fashion industry...

We are not shutting down London Fashion Week.

We are not ending fashion or creativity.

We are not asking for Fashion Weeks to be banned.

We are not ending catwalks forever.

We are not stopping business, dead in its tracks.

We are not punishing small sustainable brands.

But a dead planet will.

Fashion Week is a hugely influential platform. It can be used to change the opinions and influence the influencers.

Culture and craft hold enormous power and can be used to make real change.

The fashion industry often hides it’s pollution under glamour and beauty but true joy can be found in taking time to really appreciate something. The fast catwalk shows and “street style” are merely trends.

What if fashion week was about celebrating craft and art not trying to monetise and be the coolest?