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Part of Idle Hand’s core message is championing craft and changing stereotypes around it. Our marketplace is a curated store of upcycled, handmade and sustainable fashion that has style integrity without costing the earth anything. The Marketplace directory will be available soon.

The first in the directory is our founder, Anna (@annaproffitt). She upcycles charity shop finds to create pieces that are all 100% unique.

What do you do and why do you do it?

I buy old shirts from charity shops and make them into new garments. I started doing this for myself and friends and decided to take it further. Each garment will be totally different and I love to make custom things for people. All the shirts I use are high quality, I imagine some swanky businessman wore them before donating. I've found all kind of gems to work with including beautiful vintage dress shirts and luxury designer ones.

I've always sewn and I now use it as a form of meditation. When you do crafts, you don't think of anything but the task in front of you so your mind gets a break from your internal chatter. It's also really rewarding when something you have made makes someone happy- it's about passing on love.

There is no waste in my process. I use all the off cuts to make other items then if I can't give it a use, I take it to a textile recycler. Every garment involves a charity donation as that's were all the materials come from.

How do you think fashion can be more sustainable?

I think people consuming more mindfully is key- fashion shouldn't be viewed as a throw away commodity. Vintage and second hand clothes are an obvious way to shop sustainably and are often a lot more interesting than the high street. They've also been around for 20 + years so are guaranteed to last- a promise fast fashion cannot make.

However, fast fashion is the only option for a lot of people due to budget so it is down to brands to hugely change their systems as so many are just so wasteful. The more people that are educated and can shop consciously, at whatever budget, the better.

Find Anna on Instagram @annaproffitt and on the Idle Hands Depop @idlehandscollective

If you make things and want to join the collective- please drop us a message over DM or email