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Marketplace: Before July

Ran by Elisa Jaycott from Manchester, Before July is where you can get the most sought after styles in a sustainable, slower way. Elisa is passionate about about reducing waste and creating garments that are cool but in no way throwaway.

What is Before July and how are you sustainable? Before July is a trend lead sustainable brand born from the desire to decrease the demand for ‘Throw Away’ Fashion. Creating unique statement pieces to stand the test of time inspired by the Instagram generation, street style & current trends. I focus heavily on reducing waste, every piece is made in limited quantities and only repeated if the demand is high. Each piece is made by myself to a high standard to ensure its a piece that will last forever and not be thrown out and be left in landfill. 

What inspires you both creatively and to be sustainable? Sustainability is something that I don’t think our generation can ignore, we’ve been brought up being warned of the dangers of climate change yet also grown up alongside the rise of fast fashion. However I believe our generation is now at the age where we can make real change - and that inspires me to do better. Creatively, I’ve worked for other brands before where your creativity can be stifled - working for myself I’m inspired every day by the freedom to be able to create whatever I like. 

Do you think consumer behaviour is changing towards small designers? I definitely think so, there’s been a huge rise of small designer brands through Instagram as of late. Although this may male the market more saturate I’m encouraged by the fact that there is such interest in smaller designers now - the desire to own something with a more personal touch and story is so much more special than buying something from a huge corporation (probably where the products are copied from smaller brands) and people are now starting to appreciate this. 

How can we be more conscious consumers? I think it’s just a matter of doing the research and being aware, not everyone can change there consumer habits over night - after all fast fashion has made it so much easier for the consumer to fill there wardrobes with the newest trends that can be thrown out the next month.. but if we are selling our old clothes on, being conscious where we can and supporting and spreading the word of smaller business then hopefully we can all make a difference collectively.

What do you think the barriers are  to a more sustainable industry? I think that the main barrier is demand, this is how fast fashion companies make there money - and until the demand for fast fashion is no longer there they will never change there business models. 

Where can we find Before July and what's next for you? I’ll be designing more small collection drops for the new year and continuing to spread the message of slow fashion! Instagram @beforejuly_