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Marketplace: Blóma

Handmade jewellery by Georgia Thompson- Curran. @georgiavetc

Georgia is a fashion graduate living in Manchester and started Blóma after struggling with post graduate life. She found an escapism through craft and has now turned it into a business with a fun, vintage aesthetic.

What is Blóma and how did it come to be?

I didn’t have the best time when I left uni. I felt completely on my own and really down if I’m honest. I was being rejected from job after job and my life wasn’t really turning out how expected it to. Six months of rejection really took it’s toll on me so I started to have CBT therapy. My Therapist suggested that I fill my days with things that would distract me so I went to Hobbycraft bought a tenner’s worth of beads to play with and that’s how it started! The name Blóma was also the name of my graduate collection at uni, I liked it so I kept with it!

How do customers respond to the handmade aspect of Blóma?

The response to Blóma has been incredible and I think a lot of our customer’s like buying and owning something that is unique and not available in every shop on the high street!

What is the importance of craft in the fashion industry?

I think it’s so important in a world of instant design to keep the industry of craft going whether it’s crochet, weaving, embroidery. It would be so sad to see these traditional techniques die in the modern world, just because we’re all so impatient as humans!

What do you think the most important thing is that needs to happen to make the fashion industry more sustainable?

It’s a tough one because yes, we as the consumer need to be more thoughtful and environmentally concentrated when making purchases. But fashion companies, fast fashion wholesalers or high end luxury fashion houses, need to do their bit too otherwise we’re all just fighting a losing battle. As a consumer, I feel so frustrated when I do all I can (shopping second hand, avoiding fast fashion retailers, donating my unwanted clothes etc) to then read in the media that big brands still have awful, polluting practices. I’ve read that certain companies burn millions of unsold products and seen people order clothing to find out it has never been fitted to an actual human being, meaning that it gets sent back and probably is just disposed of! I know that Blóma is a long way off being perfectly sustainably but I really do try to make it as eco conscious as possible.

Where can we find Blóma and what's next for you?

Blóma's products are available to buy at , on depop @bloma and a handful of independent stockists which are on Blóma's Instagram.