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Vintage and handmade run by Emma O'Farrell (IG @frances__o and Depop @emmapops).

Emma proves that shopping this way does not have to limit your style and conform to the stereotypes of vintage and handmade. We asked her a few questions about what she does and why changing shopping habits this way is so important.

• What do you do and why do you do it?

I have two fashion businesses both of which are conscious of our environment. Firstly, I source & hand-pick vintage clothing which I sell through the platform Depop. I am a huge believer in either shopping high-end, or choosing vintage as these will last the consumer for years rather than mere months, which can often be the case with high-street fast fashion. I am a firm believer in style, rather than trends: dressing for what suits the individual rather than what’s in fashion at the moment. If I do come across a trend that I love, I will try to source something vintage that matches the current look.

My second business - FrancesO - is handmade crystal, and metal-wear clothing. All components are sourced within the UK, and we are currently working on a recycled metal range which is launching Nov '19. Watch this space!  

• What is the importance/value of handmade and independent makers?

Each item made by an independent maker is thought about down to the very smallest of details. There is a passion embedded in the process. This simply isn't something one gets from larger retailers. Independent brands allow the customer to feel part of the brands journey. 

• How do you think fashion can be more conscious/sustainable?

  I think awareness and education play a substantial part. It is now easier than ever to access high street/bigger brands (with competition driving prices unsustainably lower), but we need to make people aware of the benefits of shopping independent and why it will have a big overall impact on the environment in the future. OUR future. 

Emma is at the front of the rise secondhand and had a pop up shop at Selfridges back in October. Her handmade metal-based clothing range is launching a recycled collection this month so follow her to stay up to date.

If you make things and want to join the collective- please drop us a message over DM or email