• Idle Hands Collective

Over Consumption

One of the biggest contributing factors to the glut of fashion is the consumerism and instant gratification that is engrained in our culture. We are taught in a capitalist society that quantity reigns over quality, Engels wrote about this in the 19th century. This 140 year old theory applies to the fast fashion industry we have today. It’s the quick fashion fix that gives us a rush of Dopamine and leaves us wanting more: the goal is to possess. This has drastically changed how we value and appreciate our clothing. Instead of a form of self-expression or just a way to keep warm, it has become a disposable commodity. This damaging attitude has devalued how many consumers view fashion and made it less appreciated.

A capitalist society encourages consumption to find connection and better themselves, something increasingly sought after in our isolating modern world. We can feel like material objects can help fill a void inside which leads to over consumption.