• Idle Hands Collective

Praise Fashion

Do we praise the fame of fashion and miss the point?

Fashion is cloaked in fame and glamour, it’s what gives it that mysterious image. But does this stop us from appreciating it for what it is?

Fashion is fundamentally crafted, at all market levels garments pass through human hands. When marketing and celebrity is remove you are left with a garment, allowing factors like quality to really to be considered. Fast fashion is typically low quality and made with questionable work regulations. To most of us, this sounds like a waste of money but when you add cool marketing and a celebrity endorsement- we buy it.

Within high level fashion, designers that use the trendiest models and have the best front row usually get the most coverage. Information about the artistic inspiration or the reasons behind fabric choices can be lost in the celebrity of Fashion Week.

Being a conscious consumer is about being switched on and appreciating what things really are instead of what we are told they are. Fashion’s complex mix of commerce and art makes this a difficult but slowing down to look beneath the surface is a good place to start.