• Idle Hands Collective

Quality not Quantity

Craft is key to quality which is ultimately key to creating that memorable fashion moment. It is clear when something has been made with care and quality, comparing garments from different market levels clearly proves this. You cannot compare Haute Couture with a diffusion line. Jonathan Anderson said in 2017, “If you don’t put time into craft, what’s the difference for the consumer?”

Quality also means a garment will have longevity so you won’t have to buy again for a very long time. Ultimately this is cost effective- one good quality pair of real denim jeans will last a lot longer than cheap 80% polyester ones that Fast Fashion will offer you. You can test this by going to a vintage shop- those garments are already 30 + years old and still have a lot of life left in them, in the past clothes were made to last as fast fashion didn’t exist.

Buy well Buy once