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Sale Regret

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Shopping is very much linked to your brain function, most us us are aware that we get a shot of dopamine when we buy something, that’s why we can get hooked on spending. In this height of sale season, we can get carried away, high on dopamine, and buy a whole host of stuff that we don’t really need or want. The feeling of regret after purchasing is common- the technical term is Buyer’s Remorse.

The phycology linked to this feeling is thought to be the idea of cognitive dissonance. When you do something that contradicts that perception you have of yourself, it causes imbalance within your subconsciousness. It leads to a feeling regret because your action didn’t align with your beliefs. Believing you are good with money management or conscious of your consumption is put into question within your own brain. It causes stress and we all know how that can effect your mental and physical health.

Removing this whole “regret cycle” by being a more conscious consumer prevents stress on the brain. To do this, really consider purchases- it can be a great to time to buy more expensive items you really need as you can save a lot of money. Things like a winter jacket, devices and appliances that are big expenses can be snapped up. But preplan to prevent panic buying and being swayed by sales people and marketing- know your mind.

Sales can be a great way to shop quality over quantity as pricey items are reduced. Buying quality items at a reduced price will save a lot more money than just what was discounted as it will last far beyond a lower quality item.

Don’t buy something just because it’s cheap.