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Idle Hands is here again

This first post back shines a light on how the craft community are using their skills to support the nation by sewing scrubs for the NHS. The Scrub Hub was set up to meet the shortage of medical scrubs for local communities. They don’t liase with hospitals or trusts but directly with their network of doctors.

This is a fantastic example of championing the skills that exist within communities, pulling together and getting the job done. It feel quite nostalgic and shows that we come together when the going gets tough. This is something I have mentioned before on Idle Hands, in hard times we tend to revert back to tradition and finding comfort in the past. In all of this madness we are living in, I feel it’s the sense of community we have that will be remembered.

It’s something to be proud of.

If you would like to get involved in Scrub Hub visit their website and find them on Facebook