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The Devil is in The Detail- A case for Quality of Quantity Shopping

I think the best way to treat how you dress is to really consider the quality. When you invest in an item, there is deeper thought process which means you truly consider it from all angles.

Do you really love it?

Is it practical for your life?

What is that draw?

The thing with beautiful quality items is that they hold details that you just don’t get further down the fashion chain. It could be the way it hangs, an engraved button or a perfect topstitch. These kinds of things you can’t find in mass production, the details are like a little bit of love sewn in by a human hand.

When an item has this attention to detail, you soon realise that you don’t need hundreds of clothes- you need a few pieces that love you as much as you love them. The sense of ease and empowerment you get when you dress in something garments that feel “like you” is invaluable.

The loving relationship that you can build with your wardrobe helps to maintain it for longer. You’re far more likely to look after things that you invested in. They also look after themselves better. The lifespan of a high street garment has severely shrunk as the fast fashion wheel has sped up, garments almost have a built-in obsolesce. Choosing to buy better means you buy less, you can free yourself from the never ending ‘stuff’ that the fast fashion giants tell you you need.

The devil is in the details- he builds things to last.