• Idle Hands Collective

Unsustainable Pressure

The drive to "feed" the consumer has increased the speed of everything from the design process to manufacturing. Designers are under pressure to create amazing things very quickly, often to the detriment to the quality of the outcome. Oliver Lapidus, the new head designer of Lanvin in 2018, is reported to have had just 40 days to produce his first first collection. This must have put a strain on creativity as ideas would not have hd long enough to incubate.

This could suggest something about the level of understanding of the “design to manufacture” process by the wider fashion industry. Evidence of this is also apparent in Raf Simmons exit statement from Dior and Virgil Abloh's doctor-prescribed rest in 2019. The respect for the creative process and what designers really do is at times questionable. Burn out is all too frequent in the industry and that is not sustainable.