• Idle Hands Collective

Use Your Tailor

Written but Alice Crossly @alicekcrossley

The glossy magazines would have it seem women are all on an eternal search for the perfect pair of jeans. Too tight at the thighs or baggy on the bum, designed for an almost two-dimensional mannequin, the high street lets us down constantly with a sequence of numbered sizes expected to fit the complex curvature of the human body.

What would you say if I told you whether it’s straight leg, bootcut, flared or skinny, the perfect pair of jeans are hiding in your wardrobe?

Tailors are unsung heroes of the sustainability movement. They can revitalise clothes to eke out extra decades of life. And not only jeans, that dress with a messy hem, the skirt that is a little too long to wear with the perfect over-knee boots, the top which has sagged in the wash, they are all awaiting a long-lasting transformation for the cost of a fast-fashion top you’d wear once.

For all our generations impassioned stances on sustainability words like recobbled, patch and hem are lost in the archives of vocabulary. We would do well to look to a time when our disposable society was yet to have the means to behave in such frivolous ways.

Don’t panic if you were a little distracted in textiles lessons or you’ve never held a needle and thread. There are not-so-idle-hands hidden in plain sight; cobblers and tailors willing and eager to ensure every piece of clothing you own is customised to your shape and style.

A tailor takes the pressure off vintage shopping. The perfect designer finds never needs to be sacrificed with a sigh of ‘too tight’ or ‘too long’, a tailor is your best friend for on-budget alterations. These talented tailors aren’t shy of creativity either. Catwalks and street style are consumed with excessive customisations, small and unique changes a tailor might help you recreate at a fraction of a cost.

For all the clichés the magazines are right, and the perfectly fitted outfit can make you feel amazing. But you don’t have to wait for them to find you. They’re nestled in the back of your wardrobe already, patiently waiting for the magic touch of the tailor.

New clothes might just be for Christmas, but a good tailor is for life.