• Idle Hands Collective

Want For Knowledge

More consumers, particularly younger consumers, have shown a behaviour for wanting knowledge. This can be seen through the popularity of channels like Vice Media. Their authentic short-form reporting has made them extremely popular amongst millennials, a cohort traditional media (TV, print and radio) struggles to connect with.

However, we are watching longer form media which has made presenters like Louis Theroux and David Attenborough reach cult-like status. Blue Planet and Theroux’s Dark States were amongst the most watched programme of 2017. Both promoting huge conversation around the topics, seen widely on social media. This was around the time that movements like #2minutebeachclean really took momentum.

It appears this group (millennials) will prompt change if they are provided with the information. Especially if this information is delivered in an easily digestible way from a source they deem trustworthy. With this characteristic in mind, it makes sense that this is an effective way of generating consumer behaviour change which is key to change as we consumers are accountable.

We gotta get Theroux this.